Left side of machine D9R

left side machine d9r

The primary fuel filter (1) and the secondary fuel filter (2) are located on the left side of the machine behind an access door. Also located in the compartment are the fuel hand primer pump (3), the fuel shutoff (4) from the tank, the windshield wiper fluid reservoir and individual washer pumps (5) which are attached to the rear of the compartment door, and the in-line dryer (6) with an orifice tube and dryer condition indicator for the R-134a air conditioner system.

access compartment d9r

The in-line dryer (1) and moisture indicator (2) are located in the access compartment below the fuel filters on the left side of the machine.

Observing the color of the ring in the moisture indicator sight glass will help determine if excessive moisture is in the system. The in-line dryer is designed to be replaced without recovering the R-134a refrigerant in the system by the use of quick disconnect fittings.

left side machine d9r 2

The air conditioner evaporator, pressurizer, and heater module are located on the left side of the machine in front of the fuel filter access door.

Removal of the large cover from the side of the compartment permits access to the evaporator coil (1) and the blower motors (2). As air from the cab flows past the evaporator coil, the heat is transferred to the refrigerant. The evaporator changes the refrigerant to a low pressure, low temperature vapor. The refrigerant is then returned to the compressor to complete the circuit.


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