HEUI fuel system components

HEUI component

The water separator (1), which also functions as a primary fuel filter, is an important part of the fuel system. As with any high pressure fuel system with operating pressures at approximately 150000 kPa (22000 psi), fuel quality is important. Water in the fuel can cause corrosion of the plungers and barrels. Dirt can cause early hour wear on the same components. The water separator contains a ten micron filter. The priming pump is mounted on the filter base.

For the same reason, the correct two micron secondary filter (2) must be used in the system. The clearance between the plunger and barrel is approximately five microns. Typically, the three to eight micron abrasive material prematurely wears out the fuel system components.

The water separator is serviced daily by draining the water. The water separator filter is serviced with a new element every 500 hours.

The fuel hand primer pump (3) is located above the primary fuel filter.

in line dryer

The in-line dryer (arrow) is located in the access compartment below the fuel filters on the left side of the machine. The in-line dryer is designed to be replaced without recovering the R-134a refrigerant in the system by  the use of quick disconnect fittings.

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