3408E Engine D9R

3408 E 3ngine D9R

The HEUI system has many features and benefits not possible with mechanical fuel systems. These features include a very clean exhaust, improved fuel consumption and cold starting, simplified maintenance with fewer moving parts, and reduced operating costs.

The HEUI system eliminates many of the mechanical components of a “pump and line” system. It also provides increased control of timing and fuel/air ratio. Timing advance is achieved by precise control of unit injector timing. Engine rpm is controlled by adjusting the injection duration. A special pulse wheel provides information to the electronic control module for detection of cylinder position and engine rpm.

The system has built-in diagnostics to ensure that all components are operating properly. In the event of a system component failure, the operator will be alerted to the condition by the display module. An electronic service tool can be used to read the numerical code of the faulty component or condition. Intermittent faults are “logged” and stored in memory.

right side engine d9r

Components visible on the right side of the 3408E Engine include:

Electronic Control Module (ECM, 1)

Engine oil cooler (2)

Air conditioner compressor (3)

Air cleaner housing (4)

Implement hydraulic pump (5)

left side engine 3408e

Components visible on the left side of the 3408E Engine include:

Engine oil filters (1)

Alternator (2)

Starter (3)

Aftercooler (4)

Engine oil dipstick (5)

Engine oil fill tube (6)

Engine oil drain quick disconnect (7)

Steering pump (8)

Turbocharger (9)

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