D9R Track Type Tractor


Optional differential steering

This presentation discusses the major design features of the D9R Track- type tractor. The D9R has an elevated sprocket design and can be equipped with either steering clutches and brakes or an optional differential steering system. The information in this presentation covers D9R Track-type tractors from the start of initial production through the start of the 2000 model year production.

Other system features

Other standard features include: Advanced Modulator Core System (AMOCS) radiator, threaded gland hydraulic cylinders with a solenoid operated quick-drop valve, load sensing pressure and compensating hydraulics, and easily accessible engine oil filters. The D9R can also be equipped with optional attachments such as an engine prelubrication system, cold start package, a fast fuel refueling adapter, and dual tilt blade controls.

The differential steer version also includes a dual twist tiller steering system, pilot operated steering controls, a separate steering pump, and a steering motor with an internal flushing valve.

Two engines available
wo engines are available in the D9R Track-type Tractor. The D9R can be equipped with a mechanically controlled 3408 Engine or a 3408E Engine with Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI). The mechanically controlled engine is rated at 302 kW (405 hp) at 1900 rpm and the 3408E Engine is rated at 306 kW (410 hp) at 1800 rpm. The engines supply power to a torque divider with a freewheel stator for more efficient power transfer when the tractor is not in a loaded condition.


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