About Fuel Tank Caterpillar D9R

The D9R fuel tank is located on the rear of the machine behind the operator’s station. A strainer in the fuel fill tube keeps debris out of the fuel tank during refueling. A vented cap prevents pressure build-up in the fuel tank and also prevents cooling fuel from creating a vacuum. The fuel tank has been designed with an indentation in the top center to improve the operator’s view for rear attachment operations. The capacity of the tank for the earlier D9R (7TL and 8BL) is approximately 818 L (216 gal.).

The capacity of the tank for the later D9R (ACL and ABK) has been increased by 10% to 930 L (240 gal.).

fast fill connector

Some machines are equipped with a fast fill connector (arrow) for refueling the tank. This attachment allows fuel to be pumped into the tank under pressure for quicker refueling and shorter downtime while refueling.

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