Advantages Use Turbocharger

Many diesel engines are equipped with a turbocharger in order to improve the performance and the efficiency of the engine. The turbocharger receives clean air flow from the air cleaner. The rotation of the turbocharger compressor wheel draws air in, compresses it and delivers it under pressure to the cylinders.

advantages of turbocharger

Advantages of Turbocharger
Turbocharging has several important advantages:

  1. Power – Compressed air has more oxygen per With more oxygen in the cylinder, more fuel can be injected for a higher energy output.
  1. Efficiency – Turbocharging allows a more efficient combustion for improved emissions and fuel

turbocharger operation

Turbocharger Operation
When the turbocharger compresses the intake air, the temperature of the air is increased. Hot air has less density, thus less oxygen. If the hot compressed air is delivered to the engine, some of the efficiency gained by compression will be lost. This is where the aftercooler comes into play. The aftercooler lowers the temperature of the air before its enters the cylinders.

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