sirkuit hidrolik torqflow transmission

sirkuit hidrolik torqflow transmission 2

  1. Transmission Case
  2. Transmission oil strainer
  3. Transmission pump
  4. Transmission oil filter
  5. Modulating valve
  6. Quick return valve
  7. Reducing valve
  8. Speed valve
  9. F-R valve
  10. Torque converter relief Valve
  11. Torque converter
  12. Torque converter regulator valve
  13. Oil cooler
  14. Transmission lubricating valve
  15. Transmission
  16. PTO Lubricating
  17. Torque converter case
  18. Oil strainer
  19. Scavenging pump.

A. Plug for transmission clutch pressure

B. Plug for 1st clutch pressure

C. Plug for T/C Relief Pressure

D. Plug for T/C Pressure

E. Plug for T/C Oil tempt.

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