See Monitor Panel Caterpillar D9R

The instrument panel (through Machine Serial No. 7TL1-851 and 8BL1-1052) includes the Computerized Monitoring System (CMS) display used for monitoring the machine systems. The instrument panel also includes the individual system switches, action light, a key start switch, action horn (not visible), service hourmeter, a vacuum fluorescent display panel, and system fuses and circuit breakers. In the upper left corner of the panel are the switches for various machine functions. The first four switches activate machine lighting. The next switch to the right is used for auxiliary electrical power. The final switch is used for ether injection to aid in starting the machine.

Cat Monitoring System D9R

The instrument panel (on Machine Serial No. 7TL852-Up, 8BL1053-Up, ABK 1-Up, and ACL 1-Up) includes the Caterpillar Monitoring System.

The Caterpillar Monitoring System continuously monitors machine systems. The system is a flexible, modular monitoring system that includes: a main display module (1), gauge cluster module (2), speedometer/tachometer module (3), various switches and sensors, an action lamp (4) and action alarm.

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